Friday, June 25, 2010

26" Laminate Cutter by Bullet Tools

The Pro Magnum Shears I-26 Laminate Cutter available on can cut flooring, roofing, and siding products up to 26" wide and 1" thick. This I-26 Magnum Shear laminate cutter will easily cut through laminate and wood flooring, carpet and resilient tile, and even roofing and siding products. The cutter comes equipped with the new premium blade for precision cutting, and has the ability to make 45 degree angle cuts on objects up to 18" wide. In addition, the I-26 Magnum Shears by Bullet Tools can cut quickly, quietly, and dust-free without the use of electricity.

The I-26 Laminate Cutter features a built in ruler on table, and easy to use safety lock, and a removable fence.  Additionally, it is very lightweight weighing in at only 46.5 pounds.  This allows you to easily move the unit from job to job.

If you have a flooring, roofing, or siding project coming up, check out the 26" Laminate Cutter by Bullet Tools.

For more information on the 26" Laminate Cutter, CLICK HERE.

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