Friday, July 30, 2010

Welcome all DuPont StoneTech Proffessional Products

We are proud to announce the new line of DuPont Cleaners and Sealers coming soon to  DuPont is the most recognized and industry leader when it comes to cleaning products. 
We will be carrying a variety of products that will clean, protect, and enhance any tile and stone surface.  Whether you are putting in tile floors, a granite countertop, or a ceramic tile shower, these products will keep them clean and looking new for years to come.

If you've recently put in any tile or stone surface, make sure you are protecting and cleaning it the right way with the right products.  DuPont is the right way, and DuPont has the right products.  Protect your investment with DuPont.

We are very excited about being able to offer our customers the best products on, and DuPont fits right in.  Keep checking the website for future updates, and thanks for your patronage.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Airsled Air Dollies

We are really excited to inform you that we are going to introduce Airsled Appliance Movers to our constantly growing list of manufacturers on We want to offer you the best in the industry, and Airsled truly is the best!
  • No more manual heavy lifting that could cause injury to your lower back
  • No more damaged floors
  • No more damaging appliances
How does it work? Airsled products work with hovercraft technology. Two air beams are placed under the appliance you are trying to move. Perforated holes on the air beams have air that blast through them by a powerful blower motor unit. Essentially, you're creating a moving air hockey table where the heavy appliance is your puck! Easily move up to 1,400 pounds around corners and in tight working spaces. Move oven ranges, refrigerators, washer and dryers, vending machines, and hard to move Sub Zero appliances with a flip of the switch.

Keep checking back as we begin to add the Airsled line of products to our website.  These air dollies are truly the best in the industry, and we are proud to carry the extensive line.

Friday, July 16, 2010

48" Appliance Movers by EZ Moves

Moving into a new house, remodeling your kitchen, or just feel like rearranging furniture and appliances?  Get yourself a pair of 48" Appliance Movers by EZ Moves available on  Why struggle when you can move your furniture around with ease? 

Simply place the EZ Move Skids underneath the object being moved by lightly tilting the object, and then push or pull the object to its destination. Easily turn corners and move through spaces that would normally take two or more people and turn it into a one man job.  Take the stress off of your back, and make life easier for a change.

The 48" EZ Moves Slides measure 5" x 48", and are sold in a set of two.

For more information on the 48" Appliance Movers, CLICK HERE.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sinclair Duro Stripper Floor Tear Out

One of our hottest sellers on is the Sinclair Duro Stripper for floor tear outs.  Tearing out any floor can be a headache, but it doesn't have to be.  And with the Duro Stripper by Sinclair, it most definitely is not!

Whether you are looking to remove wood or concrete floors, the Duro Stripper is the right tool for the job.  That is if you want the job done right.  The Duro Floor Stripper Machine by Sinclair can remove all types of floor coverings. The Duro Stripper is the most powerful manually operated floor stripper machine on the market today, featuring 120 volts and 2000 watts of power. In addition, the handle is detachable and can be used by hand for a more precise floor tear out in tight areas around stairs and cabinets.

The Duro Floor Stripper features an exclusive foot operated on/off switch, spring loaded travel wheels, and oscillating blade action with 8,500 oscillating strokes per minute.  The machine is a 120 volt, 2000 watt machine that weighs only 26 pounds.

The Duro Floor Stripper can be used in both a stand up or hand held position, and includes two blades, a carrying case, and eye protection.

For more information on the Duro Floor Stripper, CLICK HERE.