Monday, March 23, 2009

Robert's Carpet Stretcher

Check out the website for any of your carpet installation projects at Currently our best selling carpet stretcher product is the GT Double Case Carpet Stretcher. This Power-Lok Stretcher is the most advanced power stretcher available on the market. The double case model features two cases, one for your stretcher and tubes, and the other tube case that hold up to 4 additional carpet stretcher tubes.

Some of the unique features that the GT Double Case Carpet Stretcher has is the Power-Lok switch handle which locks into 17 "stretch/pattern holding" positions. The Stretcher has a unique swivel head making it convenient to stretch angles or corners. The tool offers a low profile head with a sidekicking platform making it compatible with a knee-kicker.

For more information on the GT Double Case Carpet Stretcher CLICK HERE.

GT Double Case Carpet Stretcher: