Monday, August 28, 2017

12 Pack- Heavy Furniture & Appliance Moving Slides - 3.5" Round

Easily turn a group project into a 2 or even a 1 person job with the 12 Pack of Heavy Furniture and Appliance Moving Slides. PERFECT for redecorating, moving, cleaning, and organizing heavy objects around the house. Simply place each of the four moving slides under each of the leg of the furniture to be moved and then with your hands, brace the highest point of the furniture and give it a solid push or pull! The piece of furniture will glide across the carpet with minimal effort! 
The foam top grips the heavy object, while the ultra smooth plastic bottom reduces the friction when sliding. Helps reduce the friction when moving heavy objects over carpet! So easy, a kid can move a couch and make it a one person job!


  • Ultra smooth plastic bottom allows you to move even the largest and heaviest objects over carpeted floors with ease!
  • Soft foam top helps grip the heavy objects into place while sliding furniture and appliances over carpet. 
  • 3.5" in diameter, 3/8" thick from top to bottom
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