Tuesday, January 25, 2011

75 lb Linoleum Roller

If you are installing a large amount of linoleum or vinyl tile, the 75 lb Linoleum Roller is a must.  Most linoleum or vinyl tile installations leave behind some air bubbles.  The 75 lb Linoleum Roller will help squeeze out any air bubbles in the floor covering and completely flatten it out.

The 75 lb roller should be used just after laying the floor, before the floor covering has bonded with the adhesive you used to attach it to the floor.  In addition, you should always start rolling from the center out towards the edges of the floor covering. 

The 75 lb Linoleum Roller will exert even pressure on uneven surfaces with steel segmented rollers. The inset axles won't scuff walls, and the roller features a detachable handle and built-in carrying grip. It also has a detachable wheel base for easy transport, and offers upright support and protects steel segmented rollers.

For more information on the 75 lb Linoleum Roller, CLICK HERE.

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