Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crain Heavy-Duty Jamb Saw

Crain's model 825 Jamb Saw is the big brother of the 555 model. Use it to to make undercuts along the walls, door jambs and even in toe spaces. The adjustable height of the blade allows for cuts to be made to fit any installation needs.

Replacement blades come in a different variety of styles to help suit your needs. If you're doing basic undercuts and wooden doors, a carbide #821 blade will fit the bill. If you need something to push through tougher materials like stone, brick, marble or granite; then pick up a diamond-tipped #822 blade.

This jamb saw also comes with it's own carrying case to help protect the saw when it's not in use and to make transporting it easier. To learn more or to pick up this saw, click here!

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