Friday, August 27, 2010

72" x 72" Shower Tray

Looking to build that 6' x 6' walk-in tile shower of your dreams?  Instead of pouring your own mortar bed, make life easier with the 72" x 72" Shower Tray by ProVa Shower Systems, and available on

The 72" Tray is made out of a durable condensed styrofoam that won't break-down over time. This tray can be cut down to size in order to make a custom size shower or a neo-angle shower base. If you are cutting this tray down, make sure you try to cut even amounts off of opposite sides in order to maintain the pitch of the shower base.  Each shower base is perfectly pitched at a 1/4" per foot for water drainage.

The 72" Shower Tray comes as a 12 piece kit that is easily assembled. The 72" Pan is installed directly to the subfloor with a modified thinset, without the use of vinyl or PVC liners. The shower assembly can be completed using a minimum of 1/4" x 3/8" and up to 3/8" x 3/8" square or U-notched trowel.

Also, make sure you use Aqua Shield Waterproofing Membrane to waterproof your shower tray and walls.

For more information on the 72" x 72" Shower Tray, CLICK HERE.

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