Friday, May 28, 2010

Tile Redi® Niche Shower Shelves

Looking for a shower shelf to put your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc? The Redi® Niche Shower Shelf not only provides a place for your soaps and shampoos to call home, it will also add the finishing touch to any shower.

On, we offer the full line of The Redi® Niche Shower Shelves. These shower shelves are made from the same rugged polyurethane that the Tile Redi® Shower Base is made from, which means that is 100% leak proof and mold resistant. No need to add any additional waterproofing to the shelf. In fact, as soon as you secure the shower shelf to your wall studs and apply the setting material, you can start tiling immediately! Tile Redi® is in the business of making bathroom and shower remodels easier on both homeowners and contractors, and the Redi® Niche falls right within this business plan. You will not find a shower shelf that is easier to install and tile to...look as long and hard as you will not find anything that compares.

The Redi® Niche Shower Shelves are available in 4 different sizes. In addition, double niches are available and can act as both a soap tray and shampoo shelf. Do yourself a favor and check these niches out.

For more information on the Tile Redi® Niche Shower Shelves, CLICK HERE.

Tile Redi Niche Shower Shelf

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