Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In need of a laminate cutter?

The Magnum Shear 13" Laminate Cutter available on is great for cutting a wide variety of floor coverings and more. Whether you are looking to cut laminate, wood flooring, vinyl tile, siding, or even roofing products, this cutter can do it!

The I-13 model means that it can cut products up to 13" wide and 1" thick. It can even cut 45 degree angles on products up to 9" wide. The cutter uses no electricity, and is able to cut quickly and quietly without leaving any dust behind. That makes for a lower electric bill and easier cleanup. This Magnum Shears Laminate Cutter comes complete with a new premium blade for precision cutting. This blade is perfect if you're cutting in tight areas or around stairs and cabinets.

The Magnum Shears I-13 Laminate Cutter features a removable fence, which sets at 45 and 90 degree angles. The cutter has an easy to use safety lock, a built-in ruler, and is very lightweight (32.5 lbs).

For more information on the I-13 Laminate Cutter, CLICK HERE.

Magnum Shears Laminate Cutter

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