Friday, February 5, 2010

Crain Jamb Saw

The versatile Crain Jamb Saw undercuts along walls, door jambs, under toe spaces, and will also fully undercut inside corners. The height of cut is easily adjustable from flush to one inch above the floor. The large, flat base prevents tipping and assures accurate, level cutting. The dual-angle depth gauge is a Crain exclusive and allows undercutting at a “straight-on” or a 45° angle. A visual adjustment scale provides precision depth control at 1/8" increments.

Each Crain Multi-Undercut Jamb Saw comes with a 36-tooth No. 556 Carbide Blade. The blade is bell-shaped for added rigidity and should not be used on any other saw. The jamb saw also comes with a custom molded carrying case and a spanner wrench for blade removal. Now that's a lot in one package.

For more information on the Crain Multi-Undercut Jamb Saw, CLICK HERE.

Crain Jamb Saw

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