Friday, January 15, 2010

Big Carpet Job? Get a Carpet Dolly!

Doing a big carpet job? Save yourself some time and your back some stress with the Gundlach Carpet Dolly available online at The Gundlach Carpet Dolly completely eliminates the hassle of lugging around a huge rolls of carpet. It is easy to use and load, measuring only 5" tall. The dolly measures 18" x 24" and has a 1,080 lb. capacity. Now that's a lot of carpet.

This dolly is made from 3/4" thick hardwood and has a lacquered finish. It uses four top quality casters that have non marking polypropylene wheels and ball bearing swivels. The caster wheels are 3" in diameter with a 1¹/3" wide tread. One dolly is sufficient for 12' wide rolls, but if you are dealing with 15' wide carpet, two are recommended.

For morCarpet Dollye information on the Gundlach Carpet Dolly, CLICK HERE.

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