Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Carpet Base Winding Machines on

We recently added a bunch of new products to our website at Two of them in particular are the NAT-4200 and the NAT-316, both Carpet Base Winding Machines. We have had a lot of folks ask us if there is an easier way to roll up carpet base, well there is, with the help of these two machines.

The Carpet Base Winding Machines we offer on are the top of the line carpet base rollers. National Carpet Equipment has a great reputation, and we are proud to carry these items.

Unlike most machines that only allow you to roll up your carpet base after sewing, the NAT-4200 allows you to do both at the same time. This will save you a bunch of time. And the NAT-316 features a counter that records the amount of base being rolled up as you go. This is sure to save you a headache or two. If you need a machine to roll up your carpet base, look no further than the NAT-4200 and the NAT-316.

For more information on the NAT-4200 and NAT-316, CLICK HERE.


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